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On October 26, 2005, Zhejiang Province issued the guidance on improving the level of technical equipment in the fine chemical industry, and 12 prohibitions urged the fine chemical enterprises to eliminate the backward

on October 19, 2005, Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Commission held a press conference. Zhejiang Province issued the guiding opinions on improving the level of technical equipment in fine chemicals industry (hereinafter referred to as the Guiding Opinions), which will urge enterprises to eliminate backward technologies and equipment that seriously waste resources and pollute the environment with 12 "no" prohibitions

Zhejiang is one of the largest chemical industry provinces in China. The output value rate of fine chemicals has reached 60% to 70%, more than 15 percentage points higher than the national average. In 2004, the total product sales of Enterprises above Designated Size reached 32billion yuan, ranking in the forefront of the country. Among them, the production scale of dyes and pigments ranks first in China, pesticides ranks second in China, and coatings and inks rank third in China. According to Wang su'e, director of the provincial economic and Trade Commission, at the meeting, while the traditional fine chemical industry, which is leading in the country, has advantages, many problems such as environmental protection, safety and labor protection still exist in the traditional fine chemical industry in Zhejiang. Therefore, in the guidance, the government put forward a series of clear and specific requirements for the transformation and improvement of the technical equipment level in view of the outstanding problems existing in the industry, including "no use of compressed air. 2012 is the golden age of the North American plastic machinery market. The consumption characteristics of developing countries may be different from the demand path of developed countries", "Open equipment shall not be used for solid-liquid separation, and vacuum suction filtration equipment shall not be eliminated", "the resin production shall adopt heat carrier heating, and the works themselves are all plastic, and the materials shall be put into the pipeline production operation mode, and the open fire direct bottom heating process shall not be used" and other 12 prohibitions are intended to urge enterprises to step up the elimination of backward technologies and equipment that seriously waste resources and pollute the environment in accordance with the standards of the guiding opinions, Control the generation and discharge of pollutants from the source

the coating industry belongs to the traditional fine chemical industry. The requirements for the coating industry in the guidance are:

(1) strictly implement the three local standards, namely, the preparation guide for safety technical specifications of coating chemicals (db33/t), the preparation guide for safety labels of coating chemicals (db33/t) and the safety technical regulations for coating production enterprises (db33/), Standardize the production management of coating industry

(2) for the production of finish paint, enamel and ink, encourage the use of horizontal sand mills, phase out open sand mills and phase out ball mills

(3) the resin production shall adopt the production mode of hot pot heating and material feeding in pipelines, and the use of automatic control technology is encouraged. It is not allowed to use open flame direct bottom heating process, and eliminate the backward and unsafe process of melting method

(4) restrict the construction of resin production projects and coating production projects with a capacity of less than 5000 tons/year

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