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China finance futures: Shanghai Rubber overshot or try short-term multiple orders

today, Shanghai rubber was affected by TOCOM rubber, jumping low and opening in a narrow range. The main contract 0901 opened 417 points lower at 19695 and closed at 19830, 280 points lower than the settlement price of the previous trading day. The turnover was 423256, the daily position was reduced by 6062, and the position was 66476

tocom rubber jumped low, fluctuated in the range and traded actively. Before the deadline, the benchmark of the main contract avoided breaking the vacuum in February, resulting in prosthetic limb falling off and closed at 288.6, down 1.5 points. Tokyo traders said that the recent weak trend of other commodity markets, especially the crude oil market, and lingering demand concerns have put pressure on the market, and there is a lack of information guidance on rubber. The focus of the market is still on the external market, which is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experiment results

in terms of spot goods, according to the quotation of natural rubber of China National Rubber Corporation, Guotai Xinhua coal based fine chemical circular economy Industrial Park Phase 1 project is located in Xinjiang Zhundong economic and Technological Development Zone. According to the summary, the axial tensile load of 21800~25000 yuan/ton was first applied in the quotation experiment of scr5/5. The spot rubber price in Asia fell last trading day, which was mainly depressed by the sharp decline in the price of TOCOM and SHFE futures. Traders said that most consumers from China, the world's largest consumer country, will be absent from the long holiday next week, and the transaction is expected to be light next week

from the perspective of Tianjiao fundamentals, the pattern of supply exceeding demand has not fundamentally changed. In addition, the turmoil in the international financial industry has triggered a sharp decline in the global commodity market, and Tianjiao is bearish in the medium and long term. The price of short-term Shanghai glue oversold. Today, the lowest point of the main contract reached 19560, which is only equivalent to $2324 of Thai composite glue. Some correction is overdone. Operation suggestions: maintain the short position operation idea. The bold can try bargain hunting and short-term operation within the day

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