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Zhejiang metrology "helps enterprises solve difficulties and promote development

in Zhejiang, gas meter enterprises are characterized by" smart gas meter "products, accounting for more than 40% of the national sales. With the rapid development of gas meter product technology, the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased, especially with the development of electronization, digitalization, intelligence and networking. There are great changes in the international recommendations and national standards of gas meters, which put forward new requirements for the performance of enterprise products. However, the sudden outbreak this year has put the relevant enterprises under unprecedented pressure

in the face of extraordinary challenges, a variety of new materials of Zhejiang Metrology Research Institute have been sought after by the market. With an extraordinary mission, the Institute continues to give full play to its technological advantages to help enterprises solve difficulties, and boost confidence for enterprises to overcome difficulties and scale new heights under the new situation

On the morning of July 23, zhengjianying, a professor level senior engineer of the Provincial Institute of metrology, and chenyuanshun, a senior engineer, came to Hangzhou pioneer Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pioneer Electronics). Shiaiguo, the chief engineer of the company, led them to the newly built 24 storey "Pioneer Building"

"thank you very much for coming here. In the first half of this year, due to the epidemic situation, the progress was delayed a lot. Fortunately, Mr. Chen has been urging us to keep an eye on the progress and make arrangements, which has not fallen for a long time. This whole floor is reserved for a multi-functional comprehensive innovation laboratory. Just waiting for the equipment to enter the site."

Pioneer Electronics was founded in 1991. At present, it is one of the few domestic enterprises that can provide self-developed urban gas intelligent metering network charging system and solutions. Its product line covers civil gas meters, pure natural gas meters and industrial and commercial flow meters, and has been successfully listed on the small and medium-sized board. However, at the initial stage of the enterprise, the key technologies of intelligent gas meters have been unable to break through, especially the quality control of incoming materials, the performance of new products developed, and other problems have plagued the enterprise

2013, when the measurement performance of the natural gas flowmeter developed by Pioneer Electronics was unstable, the product quality could not be overcome, and the R & D encountered difficulties, the technical experts of the provincial Metrology Institute stopped at the enterprise to help the enterprise find problems in the whole process of production, and took the initiative to develop the first set of flowmeter testing equipment for the enterprise according to the product characteristics, giving an accurate blow to the enterprise to accurately evaluate the quality of supporting products provided by suppliers. "At that time, we lacked relevant testing equipment. If we imported it from abroad, the price would be high, our own research and development capabilities would be lacking, and the cycle would be long. At that time, this" veteran "device had reached an international high level, and its floor area was smaller than that of imported products, with better energy-saving effect, higher testing efficiency, and it also creatively supported remote operation." Shi Aiguo recalled

it is this set of device that enables pioneer electronics to achieve a breakthrough in the measurement and detection ability of gas flowmeter, and has established a high degree of trust in the provincial Metrology Institute. It is understood that since the device was delivered to the enterprise, 5000~6000 industrial gas meters have been inspected every year, and there has never been any failure, which has laid a solid foundation for enterprise transformation and comprehensive improvement of product quality

innovation and development have made great efforts

advanced and professional equipment has added a strong impetus to the research and development of pioneer electronic products, and the sales market has gradually opened up. The idea of a multi-functional comprehensive innovation laboratory that can test the whole life cycle of products and meet the characteristics of multi batch and small batch orders in the industry has gradually taken shape in the mind of Shi Yang, general manager of the company

"if the enterprise wants to be bigger and stronger, we are willing to continuously provide measurement supply." Speaking of the cooperation with pioneer electronics, zhengjianying believes that it mainly relies on sincerity and strength. "In recent years, we have taken the initiative to get close to the industry and strive to make the service end of measurement technology move forward. We hope that the instrument enterprises in Zhejiang Province can develop healthily and continuously. Therefore, when the enterprises are in difficulties, we will take a hand to come up with ideas and solve problems." 2 from 2016 to 2017 after precise measurement, the gas meter life performance test, durability test, gas temperature adaptability and other test devices developed by the provincial Metrology Institute have built a platform for enterprises to control the quality change analysis within the life cycle of gas meters, assist enterprises to develop various civil gas meters, accelerate the performance progress of gas meters, and improve the overall quality level of products

2019, the two sides cooperated to carry out the key technology and system research project of variable component impact in gas metering. The developed device can fully simulate the actual gas medium conditions and components, and can carry out the gas resistance to the influence of medium components, medium temperature, pressure and other parameters, improve the measurement accuracy, stability and reliability in the practical application of gas meters, and help improve the performance of the natural gas flowmeter independently developed by the enterprise

2019, the provincial metrology and enterprises will carry out research on key technologies and systems to improve the full life cycle measurement performance of natural gas flow meters, comprehensively study the key manufacturing links that affect the full life cycle measurement of flow meters, such as the structural design, process control and process detection of gas flow meters (gas meters), and improve the corresponding production processes and test methods, Improve the progressiveness of flowmeter. Ensure that the metering performance of the flowmeter is stable and reliable within multiple cycles, and the quality meets the British standard en:2005+ a2:2010 of relevant products

since 2013, with the guidance and assistance of the provincial Metrology Institute, Pioneer Electronics has successively developed a variety of IOT gas meters, ultrasonic gas meters based on advanced detection principles, thermal gas meters with gas energy measurement function, etc. in the research and development direction of civil gas meters; In the research and development direction of natural gas flow meters, a variety of IOT flow meters, gas volumetric flow meters and gas turbine flow meters for industrial and commercial natural gas have been successively developed to achieve full coverage of product performance

helping enterprises to stimulate vitality

in March this year, Pioneer Electronics was rated as "provincial enterprise research institute" by the Provincial Department of science and technology, the national development and Reform Commission and the Department of economy and information technology; In April, it was awarded "Binjiang District Government Quality Award" by Binjiang District People's government

Shi Aiguo said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, enterprises have also faced unprecedented pressure. However, relying on early-stage technology precipitation, it still firmly controls the market share. Provincial metrology is what the enterprise wants. The technology sinking over the years not only gives us a "reassurance", but also gives us a "new kinetic energy"

the growth process of Pioneer Electronics is the epitome of the provincial Metrology Institute helping Zhejiang instrument enterprises realize automation, intelligence and lean through increasing technological innovation, and accelerate the process of digitalization, intelligence and networking upgrading of instruments and meters

in the face of the epidemic, this year, on the basis of continuing to implement a series of measures to help enterprises with high-quality development, the provincial metrology institute further rescued and benefited enterprises, introduced a series of measures to stabilize enterprises and stabilize economic and stable development services according to the time and situation, increased efforts to reduce the burden of enterprise inspection and testing, carried out precise assistance for enterprise resumption of work and production, opened a green channel for type evaluation, established an emergency rapid response mechanism, and provided efficient services throughout the process Do a good job in supporting standards and specifications, so that various measures can directly benefit market players. We have opened a direct window to help enterprises and continue to promote the "once at most" service, and deeply implemented enterprise assistance, open laboratories, technical training, etc., so as to continuously stimulate market vitality with technological advantages

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