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It has high surface moisture-proof performance, and the surface water absorption is less than 160g/㎡. Moisture proof gypsum board is used for ceiling, partition wall and veneer wall in rooms with high environmental humidity

wall sound-absorbing perforated board special sound-absorbing and moisture-proof use

wall sound-absorbing perforated board gypsum board ceiling how to do the construction process of gypsum board ceiling (1) according to the design elevation requirements of the ceiling, snap lines on the surrounding walls, the snapping lines should be clear, and the allowable deviation of its level? 5mm。 (2) Determine the coordinate position of the lifting point of the boom according to the design requirements. (3) The lifting point at the end of the main keel shall not be more than 300mm away from the wall. (4) After the installation of the main keel, its position and elevation shall be corrected as a whole, and it shall be arched in the middle of the span according to the regulations, and the arched height shall not be less than 1/200 of the short span of the room. (5) If various metal keels need to be connected, the connection accessories of the same model should be used. If the product does not have accessories, appropriate treatment should be made. (6) If the main keel is in conflict with the equipment, reserved holes or other lifting parts, lamp groups and process lifting parts during installation, the designer shall be notified to coordinate and deal with the lifting point structure or add suspenders. The preliminary preparation for ceiling construction is particularly important, including measurement, material selection and other steps. Doing well at this stage can greatly reduce the trouble in construction and ensure the safety of future use. Before the formal construction, workers should first use a horizontal pipe to measure whether the ink line snapped on the wall is horizontal. Only by ensuring the true level of the foundation line, can the ceiling installed later not be inclined or have a height drop. The gypsum board ceiling needs to be fixed on a solid wooden keel frame, so the careful selection of keel materials has become an essential step. It is recommended that you try to choose pine materials with better nail holding force. Do you know the process flow of gypsum board ceiling for home decoration? First, do you know the construction process? Snap the ceiling elevation horizontal line → draw the keel grading line → install pipeline facilities → install the main keel suspender → install the main keel → install the secondary keel → install the paper gypsum board → brush antirust paint → install the batten → install the gypsum line. Second, snap the ceiling elevation horizontal line. According to the floor elevation horizontal line, use a ruler to vertically vector to the ceiling design elevation, along the wall Snap the ceiling elevation horizontal line around the column. 3、 Draw the keel grading line according to the spacing between the main and secondary keels required by the design, and draw the keel grading line on the snapped ceiling elevation horizontal line. 4、 After installing the main keel suspender and snapping the ceiling elevation horizontal line and the keel grading position line, determine the elevation of the lower end of the suspender. According to the position of the main keel and the hanging spacing, connect and fix the end of the suspender without bolt thread with the floor embedded reinforcement (expansion bolts can be used when there is no embedded reinforcement) by welding, and paint the welding part with antirust paint. 5、 Install the light steel keel main keel 1. Assemble the suspender nut. 2. Install hangers on the main keel. 3. Put the main keel of the assembled hanger into the corresponding hanger bolt according to the position of the grading line, and screw the nut




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