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Nowadays, small houses are very popular, especially those with attics, which are favored by young people. Although the space of the attic is relatively small, it can also create a different atmosphere if it is properly designed, especially in small family houses. Then, let's introduce the decoration skills and Feng Shui taboos of small family attics

decoration skills for small apartment attics

1. Attics are generally closed, so ventilation is a factor to be considered in attic decoration. If there is no door in the attic, there is only a skylight. Although you can enjoy sunlight, you cannot have good ventilation, so you must install air conditioners or exhaust fans

2. Because the height of the attic is relatively low, it will bring people a sense of oppression. When decorating the attic, it is best to choose warm colored walls, simple light colored furniture, and don't have too many decorative furnishings, just be appropriate

3. Small lofts are generally inclined and pointed. Therefore, we should make full use of the limited space in the attic, and we can customize furniture according to the slope to save more activity space

4. For the decoration of small lofts, you can take a warm route, with soft fabric sofas and warm carpets. Because the attic is relatively independent, the attic style can be different from the overall bedroom style. For example, Chinese style + modern, classical + pastoral, entering such an attic will make people feel unique

5. The lighting of small apartment attic is not very good. In order to make up for this shortcoming, you can add points through glass. This method is the most commonly used method for the design of inclined roof attic, and it is also a method worthy of reference

Feng Shui taboo in the decoration of small lofts

1. When decorating lofts, convex corners should be taboo. In addition to emphasizing and facing daylighting, architectural Feng Shui also emphasizes “ Square, straight and regular ” These are the key points of traditional feng shui culture. Feng Shui should pay attention to this point in the decoration of the attic, and the space layout is the best

2. Don't open windows, because the air field should be considered in the decoration of the attic. Because the attic is limited in gas intake and ventilation, it is cold in winter and hot in summer. In these two seasons, people can't sleep very well. In addition, considering the ventilation, the attic must have windows and sufficient light, sufficient light and smooth air, which can drive away bad air and make people's mental condition better

editor's summary: This is the introduction to the decoration skills and Feng Shui taboos of small lofts. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about relevant knowledge, you can pay attention to information




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