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November 8, Beijing. Guangzhou Xinbiao home furnishing Co., Ltd.'s "Xinbiao doors and windows" brand was high on the list and won the title of "2016 model of door and window craftsman"

November 8, Beijing. The door and window curtain wall Committee of China National Architecture Research Association and CCTV blue ocean door and window curtain wall industry development alliance jointly organized 25 local door and window curtain wall industry associations and door and window curtain wall display and trading platforms. The "2016 model of door and window craftsman" was held at the Beijing Yishengyuan International Conference Center. The "new standard door and window" brand of Guangzhou Xinbiao home furnishing Co., Ltd. was high on the list and won the title of "2016 model of door and window craftsman"

since its landing in Guangzhou in 1999, Xinbiao home has quickly occupied the market with aluminum alloy door and window products, paid attention to its own hardware construction, and continuously integrated the craftsman spirit of excellence into the enterprise development. The gradient upgrading from manufacturing to quality manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing confirms the unswerving production management and business philosophy of Xinbiao home. Over the course of 17 years, aluminum alloy door and window products can fully explain their craftsmanship feelings, and the praise of craftsman models unanimously selected by industry leaders is also well deserved

the pursuit of product quality is an important strategic highland made by new standard customization on the basis of integrating production standards and technology for many years. Taking the production and development of products as an example, the new calibration system German Seiko doors and windows has always adhered to the concept of "high standards and strict requirements". It is made of aviation grade solid aluminum, and its wind resistance can reach more than level 10; Toughened glass has high hardness, which can even be compared with automotive glass; In terms of hardware accessories, select high-quality brands at home and abroad; The combination of ingenious design and exquisite technology makes the product performance of the new standard doors and windows more outstanding

innovation is the internal driving force of enterprise development

the traditional Luban spirit and craftsman spirit pay attention to "doing things carefully", and pay more attention to the craft itself. However, in the mass market that is in line with commercialization, the innovation spirit of enterprises is closely related to the craftsman spirit of the new era. It requires us to dig deeply into the product performance and service experience of the increasingly homogeneous household brands, break the market rules, and reconstruct the brand tone. Behind every technological innovation of new standard customization, it represents the concern for urban humanities

intellectualization is the frontier and important town of the current domestic door and window industry. The new standard customization carries the industry mission of transforming the medium and high-end market, and has invested a lot of efforts in ingenuity and intelligent manufacturing. The enterprise has specially set up a smart home decoration technology research and development team and approved a smart product research and development project. In addition, the new standard has also spared no expense in high costs, fully enabled imported large-scale data hole arranging equipment and new numerical control equipment, and newly increased automatic production lines imported from Germany. The construction of intelligent platform is already mature

from the strength brand of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the new standard is transformed into the whole house integrated home customization. The four brands of doors and windows, wooden doors, wardrobes and cabinets are positioned as the brand vision of "customized giant China new standard". Adhering to the production policy of Seiko craftsmanship, the 17 year craftsman spirit focuses on quality refining, and achieves the new standard of "Chinese door and window craftsman model"




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