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The porch space is not large enough, or there is no porch!? How to create a beautiful porch in a limited space? Today I'll show you the porch design of others' house, which may give you some inspiration

let's imagine the scene of going home: the first thing to do is to put down your bag, take off your coat, and then sit down and change shoes. In this way, the porch must have a shoe cabinet, a shoe changing stool, and a clothes hook to meet the needs of a series of actions

however, for the vast majority of house types, either the porch space is insufficient or there is no porch. So, how to create an absolutely practical and beautiful porch in a limited space? Today, I've collected some porch designs of others' houses, which may give you some inspiration


as seen in the above figure, this kind of hallway is generally in the shape of a small hall, that is, it needs to turn 90 degrees to enter the indoor space after entering the door. For this type of porch, our designers will make full use of the space behind the door when designing for the owner

corridor porch

this porch is mostly long and narrow, and the long and narrow corridor just divides the two independent areas into two. For this type of porch, Kaiyang designers generally recommend that the owners make a large number of cabinets on one wall, including wardrobe and storage cabinet, and some artistic decorations can be made on the other wall

no porch

this situation is the most common in small houses. In order to avoid the embarrassment of a panoramic view, many homeowners will choose to design a partition cabinet perpendicular to the wall to block their line of sight. Considering the practical function, we suggest that the shoe cabinet can be designed with a through top

if it is a new Chinese style, you can also use screens to replace partition cabinets. Hollowed out screen, looming, beautiful at the same time does not affect the indoor lighting

however, our favorite is the wall design, that is, the porch cabinet is connected with the cabinet, side cabinet or TV cabinet. The combined design not only allows the porch cabinet to have more open space, but also improves the overall beauty of the home

porch cabinet + cabinet

porch cabinet + side cabinet

porch cabinet + TV cabinet

if the entry space is really narrow, stick a wall on the side of the door to design a simple cabinet, which can store shoes

in addition to meeting some storage needs, we also hope to make the porch look clean, neat and orderly through design. Therefore, in the process of designing the porch, we should also pay attention to the following points:

1. The color matching of the porch should not be too deep

too deep color will make the porch produce an invisible sense of depression, which will directly affect people's mood when entering the door. Therefore, try to choose neutral or bright colors to create a good environmental atmosphere

2. The light in the porch should not be too strong

many owners like to install bottom lights at the bottom of the shoe cabinet, which looks very fashionable, but from the perspective of Feng Shui, it is easy to cause the feeling of top heavy, and this kind of light will also affect the wealth of the owner

3. Avoid mirrors or glass at the top

do not install mirrors on the top of the porch, which will give people the illusion of head and foot handstand, which is easy to make people hallucinate and cause mental tension

like lifting the veil of beauty, the design of the porch often determines the guests' first impression of your home. So, do you want to give others the impression of "your family is cruel and beautiful"? Then start from the face of home. Refuse mediocrity and create beauty. Opening a foreign wooden door can create a handy and good entrance for you, so that you can have face

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